Monart precisely quantifies the health of any artwork with real-time monitoring and deep-learning historical data analysis.

The art industry only offers expensive systems, principally targeted to museums with the financial resources to purchase them. They also require profesionnal installation and regular maintenance. Galleries and private art owners are left with complicated and expensive solutions to monitor their artworks. Monart offers an affordable and low-maintenance solution to museums, gallery owners, and private collectors. Monart collects all characteristics susceptible to age a piece of artwork (temperature, humidity, for example). Leveraging the large amount of data accross many artworks, Monart predicts accurately the degradation of the artwork using deep-learning data analysis. All of this information is summarized in a comprehensible view using any device.

In summary, Monart has the following capabilities:

Monart will be a user-oriented device, and designed to not aesthetically interfere with the artwork. Below are a few examples illustrating the placement of the device relative to the artwork.


We received funding from the Harvey Mudd College Shanahan Project Fund to develop a prototype of the Box and the Account throughout the Spring 2018 semester (January-May). We will continue working on Monart throughout the summer, and part-time afterwards as Kimberly will be attending Graduate School for 1-2 years.

Kimberly Joly and Hamza Khan
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